ATOR-1016 (previously designated ADC-1016) is a bispecific agonistic antibody for tumor-directed immunotherapy.

ATOR-1016 comprises one tumor binding and one immune activating antibody. Combining these antibodies in the same molecule results in a compound whose effect is localized to the tumor-specific immune cells residing in the tumor environment. This enables effective tumor-directed immune activation without causing the adverse reactions otherwise associated with the systemic administration of immune activating drugs. Since ATOR-1016 is intended for systemic administration in combination with other immunotherapies, the anticipated high efficacy without concomitant adverse effects is expected to be a competitive advantage.

ATOR-1016 is currently in late research phase and the project is performed in collaboration with world leading experts in immuno-oncology and tumor localization. Initiation of cell line development for subsequent clinical production is scheduled in 2017.