Scientific advisors and collaborators

In order to strengthen Alligator’s research programs, the company collaborates with leading experts within relevant fields of research. Alligator currently works with the following partners and scientific advisors:

Professor Ignacio Melero

Professor Ignacio Melero, University of Navarra, Spain is an expert in immunotherapy for cancer. Professor Melero´s research focuses on translational studies of e.g. the TNF receptor superfamily and clinical development of immunotherapeutic drugs.

Professor Jeffrey Weber

Professor Jeffrey Weber, Perlmutter Cancer Center at Langone Medical Center, New York, , USA, is an expert in clinical immuno-oncology. Professor Weber has led several clinical studies of e.g. CTLA-4 and PD-1 blocking antibodies and is one of the pioneers in management of autoimmune adverse events induced by immunotherapies. With his extensive expertise in clinical development of immunotherapies, he is a key discussion partner for Alligator regarding clinical studies.

Associate Professor Sara Mangsbo

Associate Professor Sara Mangsbo, Uppsala University, Sweden, is an expert in the field of immuno-oncology. She has long-term experience in advanced model systems for tumor-directed immunotherapy of cancer, and has studied the immunotherapeutic effect of modulation of targets such as CD40, CTLA-4 and PD-1.

Professor Malin Lindstedt

Professor Malin Lindstedt, Lund University, Sweden, is an expert in dendritic cell biology and cellular assays for evaluation of novel cancer immunotherapies.