Research projects

In Alligator’s research projects, the company lays the foundation to continuously develop the pipeline of innovative drug candidates for tumor-directed immunotherapy. The company bases its research on its expertise within the TNF receptor superfamily (TNFR-SF) and develops new mono- and bispecific antibodies in this field, internally as well as in collaboration with international biotech and pharma companies. In one such research project, the aim is to develop an agonistic monospecific antibody directed to a receptor in the TNFR-SF. The antibody was developed using the antibody library ALLIGATOR-GOLD®. Similar antibodies are in early clinical development, but Alligator intends to develop a drug candidate with superior properties using the FIND® technology. This research project is currently in late research phase and concept validation studies are ongoing. In another research project, a bispecific antibody is developed, comprising an agonistic antibody directed to a receptor in the TNFR-SF, and an undisclosed target. The project is currently in early research phase.