Neo-X-Prime® is Alligator’s proprietary immuno-oncology concept for personalized cancer therapy. In brief, Neo-X-Prime® antibodies bind tumor cells or tumor cell fragments, which contain mutated proteins from the tumor (neoantigens), which are unique to each patient and against which the immune system can be targeted. 

The first drug candidate developed using the Neo-X-Prime® concept is named ATOR-4066. In addition to CD40, ATOR-4066 targets CEA (carcinoembryonic antigen). CEA is a protein found in certain tumors, for example colorectal cancer, but not at all or in low amounts in normal tissue, which makes it an attractive target molecule for cancer treatment. Preclinical data show that ATOR- 4066 selectively activates dendritic cells and T cells in material form human tumors, and that this activation is dependent on CEA expression in the tumor. Moreover, data from experimental models demonstrate that the molecule activates the immune system and protects against tumors. These results were recently published in the peer-reviewed journal JITC.1

The mechanism and potential of ATOR-4066 was strengthened further during the data published at SITC in November 2023 showing that ATOR-4066 alone can eliminate large tumors with heterogenous CEA-expression, thereby limiting tumor-escape mechanisms and forming the basis for single agent use of the molecule in certain cancers. Based on these positive data, Alligator expects to initiate CMC process development and other IND-enabling activities for ATOR-4066 during 2024. 

In January 2024, the USPTO granted the first US patent for ATOR-4066. 

Project status

Solid metastatic tumors

  1. Hägerbrand, K., et al. JITC 2022, 10 (11); ↩︎
Updated 2024-04-04