ATOR-1017: Stimulation of both T and NK cells induces potent killing of tumor cells

ATOR-1017 is distinct from other 4-1BB antibodies, partly because of its unique binding profile, but also because its immunostimulating function is dependent on crosslinking to Fc-gamma receptors in immune cells. This localizes the immunostimulation to the tumor region where both 4-1BB and Fc-gamma receptors are expressed at high levels – totally in line with the treatment strategy for Alligator’s drug candidates.
The objective is to achieve an effective tumor-targeting immune response with minimum side effects.

1. ATOR-1017 binds to the target molecule 4-1BB on the surface of T cells.
2. The immune activating function is dependent on binding to Fc-gamma receptor on macrophages.
3. The beneficial T cells are activated to kill tumor cells.