Alligator’s new drug technology Neo-X-PrimeTM, an innovative technology for immunotherapy, is based on Alligator’s expertise in immune oncology, bispecific antibodies and CD40 target molecules.

Neo-X-PrimeTM uses CD40 as a target molecule and highly expressed tumor antigens as the second target molecule. The Neo-X-PrimeTM antibodies capture tumor parts (exosomes) that contain mutated tumor proteins, called neo-antigens, which are unique to each cancer patient. In this way, one can trick the tumor into telling the patient’s immune system how to best and most effectively attack the tumor cells.

The bispecific antibodies CD40 X TAA activate a potent patient-specific immune response by:

  • Transport tumor exosomes to Antigen Presenting Cells (APCs)
  • Induce T-cell response to tumor-specific neo-antigens
  • Strengthen tumor elimination and thereby reduce the tumor burden

Several CD40 x TAA combinations are evaluated

  • Future internal pipelines and partner pipelines
  • Catalyst for future growth and transactions

Neo-X-PrimeTM combines Alligator Bioscience’s CD40 and immuno-oncology expertise with our patented technology platform and vast experience from the development of bispecific antibodies.

Project status

Solid metastatic tumors

In September 2020, Alligator’s new proprietary immuno-oncology concept Neo-X-PrimeTM, created in the RUBYTM format, was introduced.

In April 2021, Alligator entered into a collaboration with MacroGenics Inc., with the purpose of developing a bispecific antibody in the Neo-X-PrimeTM format. During the collaboration, MacroGenics and Alligator are developing new, undisclosed, target molecules. In this research work, which includes all activities from the development of candidate molecules up to the preclinical studies, each company will be responsible for its own costs. Thereafter, the parties may continue future development under a separate co-development collaboration and licensing agreement.

Updated 2023-01-26