Per Norlén (CEO)

Per Norlén - born 1970, CEO since 2015 – is a medical doctor with board certification in clinical pharmacology, and a PhD and associate professorship in clinical pharmacology at Lund University. Per Norlén has 25 years of research experience in pharmacology including 15 years of experience in clinical drug development. Member of the Management Team since 2010.

Other current positions: Board member of Atlas Therapeutics AB and A Bioscience Incentive AB.

Holdings in Alligator: 100,500 shares, 200,000 warrants and 250,000 employee stock options.

Peter Ellmark (VP Discovery)

Peter Ellmark – born 1973, VP Discovery since 2018 – holds a PhD and an associate professorship in Immunotechnology at Lund University. Peter has more than 15 years’ experience of developing antibodies for immunotherapy of cancer. Member of the management team since 2018.

Other current positions: None

Holdings in Alligator: 10,000 shares, 50,000 warrants and 50,000 employee stock options

Christina Furebring (SVP Research)

Christina Furebring – born 1964, Senior Vice President Research since 2001 – holds a PhD in immune technology from Lund University. She is also a co-founder of the FIND technology which is a cornerstone of Alligator’s technology platform. Christina Furebring has more than 20 years’ experience of working on the optimization of proteins and antibodies. Member of the Management Team since 2001.

Other current positions: Deputy Board Member in A Bioscience Incentive AB and Atlas Therapeutics AB.

Holdings in Alligator: 100,000 shares, 120,000 warrants and 150,000 employee stock options.

Charlotte A. Russell (CMO)

Charlotte A. Russell – born 1964, Chief Medical Officer since 2018 – is a medical doctor with board certifications in haematology and internal medicine, and has a PhD in medical science from Copenhagen University. Charlotte has more than 25 years of research and clinical experience, including 10 years with clinical drug development in biotech/pharmaceutical companies. Member of the management team since 2018.

Other current positions: None

Holdings in Alligator: None

Per-Olof Schrewelius (CFO)

Per-Olof Schrewelius – Born 1963, Chief Financial Officer since 2016 – has an MSc in Business Administration and Economics from Lund University and has over 20 years of experience from different CFO and Finance Manager positions in various industries including medical technology and engineering. Member of the Management Team since 2016.

Other current positions: None

Holdings in Alligator: 10,000 shares and 125,000 warrants.