Technology platform

Alligator Bioscience’s proprietary technology platform is the core of our drug discovery engine for development of innovative novel drugs. The technologies are complementary and can be combined for rapid design and development of drug candidates. Alligator actively seeks collaboration partners in immuno-oncology as well as other therapeutic areas where Alligator’s technology platforms have the potential to create a significant value.

The platform comprises:

    two human antibody libraries for isolation of therapeutic antibody based drugs
  • FIND®, a powerful protein optimization strategy
  • The bispecific antibody format RUBY™

In addition, Alligator Bioscience has established a complete analytical process flow that allows for integrated functional and developability screening and characterization of novel candidate drugs and thus a strong operational effectiveness. This combined toolkit of technologies gives Alligator Bioscience full capacity to develop potent and selective monospecific and bispecific drug candidates.

Alligator Antibody Libraries

FIND® protein optimization

Bispecific antibody formats

Updated 2022-07-18