Research and development

Alligator´s core business is focused on research and early development of drug candidates. In the research phase, Alligator establishes novel mono- and bispecific antibodies using the proprietary technology platforms ALLIGATOR-GOLD® and FIND®. If required, these lead compounds are further optimized in order to meet pre-defined objectives in terms of function, affinity and stability in vitro and in vivo, followed by the selection of a drug candidate for further development. In preclinical studies, the safety and efficacy, as well as the clinical potential of the drug candidate, is evaluated. The studies are performed in-house as well as in collaboration with external partners. In parallel with the preclinical development, experimental research is performed to improve the understanding of the biological function of the drug candidate. Finally, the safety and efficacy of the drug candidate is evaluated in clinical studies.

Updated 2022-07-21