ALLIGATOR-GOLD® is a proprietary human antibody library containing more than 60 billion unique antibody fragments (also termed “scFv”). From this antibody library, drug candidates directed to any target molecule can be developed. The design of the library enables the development of highly functional antibodies. ALLIGATOR-GOLD® is Alligator’s most important technology platform, enabling the development of new product candidates for the project portfolio and it was used for developing ATOR-1017 and ALG.APV-527.

The individual antibody fragments in ALLIGATOR-GOLD® have distinct specific sequences in the six so-called hypervariable regions which constitute the antibody surface that binds to the target molecules. The rest of the scFv sequence is identical in all antibodies in the library and was selected to achieve optimal properties in regard to e.g. stability and manufacturability. The variability in ALLIGATOR-GOLD® is designed to mimic and exceed the variability in natural human antibodies.

Updated 2022-07-18