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Shares in Alligator Bioscience AB are listed on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange (Stockholm) under the designation ATORX. Companies on NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange are divided into three segments: Large Cap, Mid Cap and Small Cap. Nordic companies with a market value over one billion euro are presented within the Nordic Large Cap segment. Companies with a market value between 150 million and 1 billion euro are contained within the Mid Cap segment, while companies with a market value below 150 million euro are contained in the Small Cap segment. The segments are revised every six months, on 1 January and 1 July, based on the weighted average price for May and November. Alligator Bioscience is currently listed in the Small Cap segment.

The number of ordinary shares is 85,666,338. Each share entitles the holder to one vote at the Annual General Meeting.

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Insider trading (Finansinspektionen/The Swedish Securities and Exchange Commission)


The 20 largest shareholders as of August 31, 2021.
No Of Shares
Percentage Shares
Union Bancaire Privee, UBP SA10.695.16212.5
Sunstone Life Science Ventures Fund II K/S5.758.4856.7
Lars Spånberg3.856.6294.5
Försäkringsbolaget Avanza pension3.684.9694.3
Banque Internationale à Luxembourg SA3.250.1013.8
Johnson & Johnson Innovation2.740.9193.2
Fjärde AP-fonden2.727.8193.2
Magnus Petersson2.215.3282.6
Nordnet pensionsförsäkring2.171.8742.5
Öhman Fonder1.859.6742.2
Mikael Lönn1.730.6192.0
Stena AB1.512.6281.8
Pershing LLC1.505.0001.8
Johan Zetterstedt1.150.0001.3
Johan Rockberg1.071.5021.2
SIX SIS AG, W8IMY1.013.9331.2
Futur Pension778.2020.9
Carl Borrebaeck613.8330.7
Handelsbanken Fonder557.8240.7
Other 35.869.75241.9
Total shares85.666.338100.0