Alligator Bioscience Announces Publication Highlighting Potential of Next-Generation CD40 Agonists in Peer-Reviewed Medical Journal “Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy”

  • Next-generation CD40 agonists have opportunity to address key biological and medical needs in immuno-oncology
  • Bispecific CD40-targeting antibodies, as those developed using Alligators Neo-X-Prime ® technology, maximize the ability of CD40 to remodel tumor microenvironment and boost anti-tumor T cell response
  • CD40 targeting bispecific antibodies, such as ATOR-4066 developed by Alligator, can take CD40 agonists to the next level in terms of efficacy and safety

 Lund, Sweden – Alligator Bioscience (Nasdaq Stockholm: ATORX) today announces the publication of a scientific article detailing the potential of next-generation CD40-targeting therapies in immuno-oncology in the peer-reviewed medical journal “Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy”.

The article, entitled “Next generation CD40 agonists for cancer immunotherapy” highlights how:

  • Bispecific CD40-targeting antibodies, as those developed using Alligators Neo-X-Prime ® platform, that maximize the ability of CD40 to both remodel the tumor microenvironment and boost the anti-tumor T cell response have the potential to meet key needs in immuno-oncology
  • Enhancing efficacy is the most important driver for developing new CD40-targeting therapies while ensuring safety is also critical to allow effective dosing in combination with other treatment modalities
  • Enhanced understanding of the role of different CD40-expressing immune cells in the tumor microenvironment may facilitate more efficient clinical development of these compounds

There is a need in oncology for new therapies that can enhance response rates and broaden the number of cancer indications where immunotherapies provide clinical benefit,” said Peter Ellmark, CSO of Alligator Bioscience and one of the authors of the article. “CD40-targeting therapies, such as Alligators ATOR-4066 program developed using our Neo-X-Prime® platform, provide an opportunity to meet this need by promoting priming of tumor-specific T cells and reverting the immunosuppressive nature of the tumor microenvironment. The coming wave of next-generation CD40 agonists uses new approaches and formats which go beyond monospecific antibodies to improve efficacy and safety and provide great opportunities to benefit cancer patients.”

The full article is available online via this link.

Updated 2024-05-20