Alligator Bioscience Announces Publication Highlighting its RUBY® Bispecific Antibody Format in the Scientific Journal “mAbs”

Lund, Sweden – Alligator Bioscience (Nasdaq Stockholm: ATORX) today announces the publication of a scientific article featuring its novel bispecific antibody format RUBY® in the peer-reviewed journal mAbs.

  • RUBY® is a novel bispecific antibody format with excellent functionality including IgG-like stability, pharmacology and developability properties
  • The RUBY® format allows rapid generation of bispecific antibodies (bsAbs) that fulfill key drug development criteria and mitigates many of the challenges associated to other bsAb formats

The article, entitled “RUBY® – A tetravalent (2+2) bispecific antibody format with excellent functionality and IgG-like stability, pharmacology and developability properties”, highlights how:

  • RUBY® allows rapid generation of bsAbs with high developability
  • RUBY® bsAbs are compatible with small-scale production systems for screening purposes, can be produced at high yields from production cell lines, contain low amounts of aggregates, display favorable solubility and stress endurance profiles, are compatible with various IgG isotypes, and and allows for tailored Fc gamma receptor interactions
  • Retained interaction with Fc neonatal receptors is demonstrated to translate into a mAb-like pharmacokinetic profile
  • Functionality of conditionally active RUBY® bsAbs is confirmed in vitro, and RUBY® bsAbs are shown to penetrate and localize to tumor tissue in vivo

“The publication of this article in the renowned scientific journal mAbs is an important recognition of our bispecific antibody format RUBY®. It demonstrates its great developability and its place as a key part of our proprietary drug discovery engine for the development of innovative drugs for hard-to-treat cancers,” said Laura von Schantz, CTO at Alligator Bioscience. “The article in particular demonstrates how our RUBY® format has attractive mAb-like attributes and offers the possibility to mitigate many of the development and bioprocessing challenges linked to other bsAb formats, facilitating both high functionality and developability and making it a valuable contributor to the next generation of bsAbs.”

Alligator’s RUBY® format is an important proprietary technology used both in internal and partnered programs.

The full article is available online via this link.

Updated 2024-03-26