Graham Dixon

Member of the Board
  • Board member since: 2019
  • Independent in relation to the Company and its management: Yes
  • Independent in relation to major shareholders: Yes
  • Holdings in Alligator: 240,000 warrants in program TO 2023/2026 II
  • Other current positions: Chairman of Apaxen BV

Graham Dixon – born 1961, Board member since 2019 – has a PhD in biochemistry from Swansea University and is the CSO/head of R&D at Mithra Pharmaceuticals. Graham Dixon has extensive experience in discovering and developing novel drugs, with applications for both orphan and mainstream disease indications. Previous experiences include inter alia CEO Neem Biotech, head of R&D and CSO of Onxeo, Galapagos, Sensorion Pharma and Addex Therapeutics.

Updated 2023-08-22